Things to Do

Ledge Point Golf Club

With well maintained grass greens and spectacular views of the ocean, the Ledge Point Golf Club is one of the best. Enjoy a leisurely mid week game or for a bit more competition play with our locals on the sponsored days.

Caladenia Mini Golf

Enjoy a family day out of mini golf, stroll around the picturesque gardens, or pat the Alpacas and ponies. Stay for lunch or afternoon tea. Only a short drive from Ledge Point.


Yanchep National Park

Experience an array of exciting tours, bush walks, wildflowers (in season), pristine wetlands, golf course, rowboat hire, heritage listed buildings, caves and much more at one of Perth’s most popular and oldest National Parks.
Take a picnic, or have lunch at The Yanchep Inn or The Chocolate Drops Tea Rooms. Don’t leave without indulging in the superb handmade chocolates.

Gingin Gravity Discovery Centre and Observatory

Only a short drive from Ledge Point. An interesting and educational day out. Learn about the universe, and our place within it. Climb to the top of the Leaning Tower for an exhilarating view of our local area. Have a look at the galleries and end the day with a visit to the shop and cafe.
The observatory houses the largest telescope for public use in Australia.

The Pinnacles

Nambung Nation Park features the famous Pinnacles Desert, beautiful beaches, coastal dunes, and its wild flowers from August to October.
The Pinnacles themselves are made from shifting sands forming limestone pillars reaching 3.5 meters, making the landscape one of the wonders our planet.

Dive Sites

Ledge point is host to some of the most unique wreck sites in the world including the Vergulde Draeck commonly known as the Gilt Dragon, the JP webb, the Manakoora and the famous Key Biscayne.

The most popular dive is the Key Biscayne, located 250 degrees from ledge point about 10 nautical miles, in 40 meters of water, experienced divers recommended. The 2700 tone oil rig capsized in 1983 while undertow from the Northern territory to Fremantle in severe weather, all 52 crew members aboard were saved by rescue helicopters.

The Gilt Dragon is located 12km south west of Ledge Point about 5km off shore. Excellent diving in calm conditions. It struck reef on the 28 of April in 1656 on a trading voyage to Jakarta, with a crew of approximately 193 and a cargo of trade goods and eight chests of silver worth hundreds of thousands of guilders, only 75 crew reached the shore with very few provisions. The master of the vessel Pieter Alberts ordered seven of the crew to sail to Jakarta for help, the journey took six weeks. They returned with a search party, no survivors were ever found.

JP Webb is located 1.5 km west north west of Ledge in about 3.5 metres below the water. A thousand ton barge, lost on route to Melbourne from England in 1951, unique with its large steam engine, the boiler clearly visible from the surface. The wreck is easily accessible in good conditions. And finally, a fishing boat stolen from Fremantle in 1946, ran aground 3 km south of the town, only half km from the shore, not much is left of the vessel but the reef is a nice dive for beginners and easily accesable with small crafts.