Park Rules

To ensure you have the most relaxed and enjoyable stay possible please respect other people’s space and property, and follow the few simple rules.


  • There is a noise curfew of 10pm. Please consider others and remember voices carry at night.
  • Early noise: it would be appreciated if noise can be restricted until 8am.

Ablution Blocks

  • Children are to be accompanied by a parent in the ablutions at all times. Parents are responsible for their children’s behavior.
  • Do not take any glass items into the facilities.
  • This is a wet area. For your own safety please wear appropriate footwear. This will also aid with maintaining clean facilities.
  • Please remove as much sand as possible before entering the ablution block. We have hot water outdoor showers available for this purpose.


  • Please leave these areas clean and tidy after use.


  • Do not clean fish on your site. Please make sure all wastes is wrapped and placed in the bins provided, and leave the area in a clean state. Some patrons may find it easier to clean there fish out at sea.
  • Boat cleaning facilities must be left clean and tidy.
  • Please conserve water wherever possible.
  • Boats over 5m must be stored in the boat storage area. There is a fee of $5  per night. All other boats can be accommodated on each site. (Only 1 boat per site permitted)
  • Early morning departures must be done with minimal noise.

Chemical Dump Site

  • This is located near ablution block. Waste MUST not be dumped through site sullage points.

Children’s Bicycles

  • Bicycles are not to be ridden after dark or before 7.00am. They must not be ridden around the ablution block area as this may cause an accident.
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure their children wear helmets in the park if riding bicycles.


  • Please use appropriate areas for games. Balls hitting caravans, cars, tents or other guests will not be tolerated.


  • Dogs allowed on application and at mangers discretion prior to arrival.
  • Click this link for Dog Rules and Information.


  • An adult must supervise children in the pool area at all times.
  • No glass permitted in this area.


  • Parents are responsible for controlling and supervising the behavior of their children, for their own safety and comfort of others.
  • Park patrons use the facilities at their own risk. No responsibility will be taken by park management for any loss or damage to people’s property or equipment.


  • Most of the roads are one-way and are marked on the map. Please abide by the road rules.
  • Strictly walking pace through the park. Anyone caught speeding through the park may be asked to leave.


  • Please wrap all rubbish before placing in bins provided. Aluminum cans, can be placed in the recycle bin situated in the boat storage area. Proceeds from the recycling go towards the FESA facilities in town.


  • Please keep sites clean and tidy at all times
  • Caravan/Tent/Camper Trailer is to be parked on the left side of your site and vehicle to the right of your site. Towball to be facing road at ALL TIMES. You will be asked to move your van if this has not been adhered to.


  • All buildings are smoke free zones, including ablution, laundry facilities and pool area.

Speed Limit

  • STRICTLY Walk pace for all cars and bicycles. Anyone caught speeding may be asked to leave.


  • One (1) car per site is permitted. Extra vehicles are to be parked in the overflow car park and not on vacant sites, verges or sides of the road.


  • All are welcome during your stay. There is for a small fee for the day use of our facilities and all visitors must park in the overflow area or outside the park.. You are responsible for your guest’s behavior. All guests must be registered at reception prior to day visiting, staying overnight or longer.